and now I’ll have more time to post stuff that may be of some interest.

I just had my final exam today — I can relax now, and actually do my nails and blog and do other things to fill all the free time I have. YAY! I can’t wait to go back home and be ‘reunited’ with my nail polish….that probably sounds really sad…but I get happy over such things. 🙂 

oh hey HOLLA.

I don’t have any interesting nail related posts today, I apologize. Stress levels are slightly increasing…and by slightly, I mean by a lot. I have my final exam on Friday — and I’m not quite sure how ready I am for it. Definitely not feeling as confident as I was feeling for my midterm…… yikes. 

But this is what I do when I’m stressed…I blog…which takes time(out of studying)…but it’s okay….’cause it’s good to just let it out. Right?

I should be studying for my final right now– but I’m too busy taking notes on volcanoes, for the other course I’m taking, because I have a quiz that needs to be a short period of time from now. I mean who doesn’t love learning about volcanoes..ugh.

Times like these I wish that I was famous(perhaps an actress?)….and had a job that paid me something like a couple million per movie…or hey, even a TV show..where I act like..not myself…and then get paid for it. Yes, my lifelong aspiration is to go to Hollywood and become famous. I live my life as a TV show. Yes, yes, I really do, do that.