Back To School: Revlon Lip Butter Review

Still on the lip products! I have a little mixed review about this product(unfortunately). If there is a product that I think is TERRIBLE, I probably will probably not make a post and review it, unless I do a post about products I regret buying or something. But since this is more of a “mixed” review…I decided to make a post about it. PLUS, it’s a product that gets hyped up a lot, or it WAS raved about back when it first came out.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter.  The claims they make: “Buttery Balm + Shiny Colour, Buttery balm with beautiful shiny colour to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips, 94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated”. So in other words, it’s supposed to be a hydrating lipstick kind of product. There are a lot of claims that it is supposed to be like a balm, because it’s “so hydrating”. There are a great range of colours, I believe just over 20 colours, which is QUITE the range in my opinion. It ranges from nudes to darks. It may be considered on the pricey side for a drugstore product, but drugstore products have definitely gone up in price. I’ve seen these range from $8.50-$11.00 (CDN).

When I first heard that they had released this product I was crazy about getting one for myself to try out. It was INCREDIBLY hard to find it at stores..some stores hadn’t started carrying it, other stores were getting sold out of it. The shade that I bought was Raspberry Pie – a dark pink-red/berry colour;it’s just a bit darker than my natural lip colour, and more pink. It’s a really nice colour, and it goes on opaquely. The reason I was lured into the hype was because it was a lip butter, as I mentioned in the post before, I don’t like lipsticks because they tend to dry out my lips. So I thought, it’s almost like a lip balm…but with more colour to it. I bought it, swatched it on my hand, absolutely loved it, put it on my lips, and err… Well, it didn’t apply  very evenly AT ALL in my opinion. The colour certainly showed up well, so that’s a good thing. It DID NOT make my lips smoother, or softer. It didn’t really “hydrate” them EITHER. It just dried out my lips — it just felt like lipstick…but it was a bit more shinier than lipstick. I considered maybe trying another colour, I feel like the nude/lighter colours would be more shinier and go on more smoothly than a darker colour, but I wasn’t willing to pay $10 for a product that I was going to get little use of/be disappointed with. I also feel like there isn’t very much product in it, I don’t know if that’s just something I think, or if others think that too.

Well…the packaging is nice, I thought it was ‘classy’ looking. This product has worked for MANY people, considering how many people rave about it, but on this blog, I talk about MY experience with things. If you have naturally dry lips, I would NOT recommend this product at all. Since I wasn’t very happy with the one I bought, I wouldn’t buy another one. In saying that though, I don’t like to let products go to waste and I try to use them up, unless they’re just BAD for my health or something like that. So the way I make this product work is just by applying a moisturizing lip balm underneath, and then applying the lip butter over top. Sometimes I don’t want such a harsh colour to show on my lips, so I just dab the lip butter, kind of like packing the colour INTO my lips, but lightly. So I would recommend this product if you’re willing to put a lip balm underneath or something, but for straight use, it just didn’t work for me and made my lips dry and crack.



Back To School – Maybelline Baby Lips Review

Hello all!

It’s nearing back to school season for MANY of you(although I know that some of you have already started school again for the new year). For those that are still soaking up the last bit of your vacation, you’re probably anxious to go back to school shopping, whether it be for a new wardrobe, school supplies, or makeup and other beauty products! I thought I would start up with reviewing some of my favourite, affordable makeup products, this way you can get a perspective on certain products BEFORE you consider buying them! 🙂

So as you can tell from the title, I will be reviewing a product by Maybelline called BABY LIPS. I have a disclaimer on my blog, please remember that it applies for all reviews as well. Normally, I would have a photo(taken by me) of the product, but unfortunately you’ll have to wait for that this time. 

This product is a tinted lip balm, it ACTUALLY shows colour on your lips, they also have clear ones as well, for those that don’t want a tint to their lips. I have been using BABY LIPS for quite some time now, basically since they came out with them. It claims to give 8 hours of moisture to your lips, and I completely agree with the claim. It applies to your lips very smoothly, and KEEPS your lips hydrated for an extended period of time. It also includes SPF 20, which is PERFECT for the summer, and all year round. This is available at almost any drugstore, I’ve seen the price ranging anywhere from $4-$8(Canadian). It comes in a variety of shades, I believe there are 6 in total, 2 clear ones and 4 tinted ones. The tinted ones are Pink Punch(barbie pink tint), Cherry Me(light cherry red tint), Grape Vine(purple-y tint, nothing too outrageous though), and Peach Kiss(peach-nude tint). The clear ones are Quenched and Peppermint. Also, the packaging is super colourful, fun, and adorable(simple though), so if you’re a sucker for packaging, you’ll love it!

I believe I purchased my first one(Pink Punch) in Fall 2011. Pink Punch smells like, well, fruit punch! And it gives off a barbie pink tint to your lips. It’s a perfect colour for spring and summer. The second one that I purchased was in the colour Cherry Me, I think I’ve abused that one! It surprised me that I went for Cherry Me because normally I don’t like anything with cherry scents, it just reminds me of  flavoured medicine or some kind of flavoured cough syrup, I mainly bought it for the colour but the scent grew on me. It gives the most perfect light red tint to your lips, enhances your natural lip colour. After wearing it for a few days you will actually notice that your lips look and feel a lot healthier. I bought that one just at the beginning of this year, and I’m almost out of it, it is my favourite one out of the bunch! It is definitely my most used lip balm, apart from my EOS lip balm(a review for this will be coming shortly). Basically, I love it!

For school makeup, it’s best to keep it toned down(especially since some schools do have rules about makeup), but if you’re brave enough to do something fun and crazy with your makeup, by all means go ahead. This product is fairly affordable, and it can last you a long time. Application is smooth, it has shine but it doesn’t have a greasy look to it, and it keeps your lips smooth and soft. Personally, I don’t really like wearing lipsticks because they tend to dry out my lips quite easily, and the colour is usually too ‘opaque’ for my liking, for everyday wear. I’m not much of a lipgloss girl anymore either, I just don’t like the feeling of the sticky(even if it doesn’t feel sticky, maybe it’s a psychological thing haha), glossiness on my lips. I am all about tinted lip balms – they provide both moisture AND colour(whether it be a different colour or enhancing your own lip colour), it’s the best of both worlds. So if you were ever hesitant on purchasing this product, hesitate no longer, go get you some! 🙂

*Have questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments ! 🙂 *

my obsession with nail polish

It is quite true. I do have an obsession with nail polish. My first OWN nail polish I got when I was four years-old….it was a deep, red colour by L’OREAL…and I specifically even remember going to the drugstore with my mom and the lady at the cashier  told me that I was such a young girl and that she was surprised that I liked nail polish already, she also told me that that colour would look great on me. After that my mom and I made frequent trips to the drugstore to look/buy nail polish — I remember I had bought a gold based chunky glitter polish (man was that ever hard to take off my nails!) — I also remember trying to paint a part of my bed side table with this glittery mess – what four year old doesn’t love sparkles and glitter?! One of my best friends at the time also LOVED nail polish, I remember one time we both had our nails painted, a different colour on each nail….our nails had the EXACT same colours, but in different shades –funny coincidence! I also remember that she liked one of the colours that I had…and then my mom told me that I should give her that polish because I didn’t wear it very much….I ended up giving it to her, but then a little while later…I really wished that I could have it back, but I didn’t say anything. It was a rich dark burgundy-purple, kind of vampy – but oh well. Another colour that stood out to me as one of my childhood FAVOURITES was a certain blue colour by Cover Girl …. I had gotten this colour when I was seven years-old — and boy did I ever LOVE it. I think I put that colour on whenever I was a light seafoamy dusty blue colour, and I think it was the first nail polish that I ever used up completely!

To this day, I am still ‘collecting’ nail polish(I have about a hundred or so :$)….and a couple years ago(around the time I was 11, so about 8 years ago), I started branching out with doing nail art — I think I’m going to start uploading pictures on here of nail art that I do, so that the rest of you can see it and maybe even try it yourselves!

tips for clear skin(face)

Girl. You’re GAWGEOUS, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. One thing that MANY people have problems with is their skin. Personally I don’t think I have “perfect” skin, but I really have been blessed with pretty good skin overall, and I thought I would share with you MY tips on how to make your skin more manageable, and have the effects of good maintainence show.

Firstly, you want to try to figure out what skin type you are; oily, dry, combo, sensitive, “perfect”, etc. I have very dry skin, that is my biggest downfall, but most of the time, you probably couldn’t tell that I have dry skin, and that’s what you want to do, you want to give off the appearance that you have good skin. I am a strong believer that if you are confident with your skin, it just boosts up your overall confidence by A LOT. Putting on pounds of makeup to cover up your skin sure does do wonders, like look at all those airbrushed models out there — but that isn’t always the BEST way to go at it. I always say that ‘less is more’. I hate using a lot of product and keeping product on my face for long periods of time. Product really can clog up pores, and that causes pimples and all that gross stuff. Also, you need to drink LOTS of water, this helps SO MUCH to clear your skin up, and water flushes away toxins. 

My Daily Face Routine:

  • I wash my face and brush my teeth RIGHT after I wake up
  • Teeth is another important factor, you want to keep your teeth as clean as you possibly can. Brush your teeth about 2-3 times a day. Toothpaste with baking soda helps polish your teeth(making them look whiter). The taste may not be appealing at first, but later on, you get used to it. Toothpaste I use : SENSODYNE – Baking Soda. Sensodyne is generally very recommended by Dentists, so you’re pretty safe with anything recommended by Dentists. And always remember to floss as well!
  • As with my face. I wash it with lukewarm water first(opens pores)…and then I use Clean & Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightening Facial Cleanser. This is an oil free product, so for those of you that have oily skin, have no fear. For those of you that have dry skin( like me) just moisturize after using this. So you just pump out a bit, and then lather it over your face(it doesn’t actually lather THAT much, but a small amount) and then I wash it off with cold water(closes pores), it really makes me feel refreshed. I have gone through two bottles of this stuff already, so I will definitely promote the usage of this. This retails for about ($6-$10 CDN)
  • Once I’ve washed my face with that cleanser, I just moisturize. I use AVEENO Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer (this is slightly on the pricey side for drugstore products…. ranges around $19-$27 CDN. for about 120 mL ….yeah that’s a big price range I know, but it goes on sale frequently). In my opinion, this is a better product if you have oily skin, it tends to be a little drying if you don’t put a fair amount on. But I still like using this product. 
  • Another moisturizer that I use daily for my face is PONDS- Dry Skin Cream. I would NOT recommend this if you have oily skin, it would probably just make it more oily. This is REALLY hydrating and it just quenches your skin making it feel INCREDIBLY moisturized. This retails for about ($5-$10 CDN) and you get a good amount of product…and I have gone through 2.5 bottles/containers in the past 3 years. 
  • I don’t really use foundation, because as I said before, I don’t like having product that stays on my face for long periods of time, especially make up– but if you want something that is LIGHT, you should try a tinted moisturizer. One that I have and use on occasion is AVEENO’s tinted moisturizer. This gives you very light coverage but helps even out your skin.  I find this to be drying, so I just use one of the above listed moisturizers underneath. Retails for about $17-$25 CDN.
  • LIPS. You can’t forget about them lips. EOS Lip Balm — my favourite, and it tastes so good. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients, and 95% organic? something along the lines of that. They have so many ‘flavours’, it’s great, and they last FOREVER and keep your lips SO SMOOTH! Retails for about $4-$6 CDN.
    Nivea lip balms are also very popular, and I have used a fair share of them – they’re available EVERYWHERE.
    If you’re looking for something ‘tinted’ — I would say go with Burt’s Bees, my favourite shade is Rhubarb by Burt’s Bees ($4-$6). 
    Another option for tinted lip balms – Maybelline BABY LIPS, I was thoroughly impressed by how moisturizing this was. PLUS it has SPF 15 in it. I currently own Pink Punch and Cherry Me(my favourite!). They also have non tinted, clear ones as well. Price: $4-$7 CDN.
  • Remember to moisturize throughout the day if you feel the need to, especially in the winter months!
  • Night time face care = IMPORTANT! So much bacteria and dirt build up on you face during the day- it’s gross, but that’s reality.
  • Sometimes I’ll use a makeup wipe to wipe off my makeup before hand – I really like the Yes To Cucumbers face wipes, it smells really good, but it does dry out my face but it’s expected, plus you’ll be washing it with water and stuff afterwards. Price: $10 CDN.
  •  I wash my face with water, and then I use AVEENO Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser. When you pump it out, it just comes out as foam….and it really washes away any unwanted oils and dirt on your face. Your face just feels clean. (Price: not completely sure…around $10-$13 CDN)
  • St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Sensitive Skin – this is an exfoliating scrub, and I use it about once or twice a week. You want to be careful with scrubs, you can’t use them daily, or they’ll scrub off your skin — and you don’t want that! This just does what a scrub does, scrubs off dead skin and just helps your skin look more fresh. 
  • After I have washed my face…I will moisturize AGAIN — usually with AVEENO and/or PONDS (as said above).

Try to do something along the lines of what I do, even with other products to fit your skin type, and within a little while, you should start to notice some changes. No matter what, you’re beautiful. 🙂