Hello everyone! I have some important news to share. This blog “” will be moving to
THIS ONE –> NEW BLOG! <- Fabulizbeauty
This new blog(fabulizbeauty) will be almost strictly for beauty related things only. It is a very hard job “transferring/making a new blog” especially when you’ve just started to establish the one that you already have. I appreciate ALL the support I have received on this one, and it would mean the world to me if my followers could please follow my new one! 🙂 There’s still quite a bit of work that needs to be done on the new one, and I’m not sure if I’ll be reposting EVERYTHING from this blog onto that one, or just link this blog on that one. Please bear with me while these changes are being made to my blog. Thank you all VERY VERY much and hope to see you guys on my new blog! 🙂 

*Please do not follow mylifeisfabuliz blog anymore*



I haven’t really gotten the chance to blog very much on here, or post pictures, once again, apologies, but they’ll be coming back again shortly, as promised earlier! I have thought up of many new ideas for nail art and such and I CANNOT wait to share them with you all! 

– stay classy!


thank you!

Time for some good old sap.
It has been just over a month since I started this blog, but I am SO SO SO grateful for all the support that I have had from you guys! I have followers from many places around the world, it blows my mind! You guys probably don’t even understand how much just ONE ‘Like’, comment or follow mean to me. It’s really nice to know that there are people that are actually appreciating what I’m doing, and that it’s just not for the sake of it. Although, I would STILL keep up with the blog regardless of the number of followers/likes I was getting. I’m just your average teen girl, out living her life, and being ‘real’, and sharing my interests. To be on the featured page or something great like that would be my ultimate DREAM(I don’t know if “dream” is the right word choice there..more like it’d just be super cool), or like maybe get reblogged on some fashion/beauty magazine blog? 😉 but that really is out of grasp for me at the time being. 😛  I originally wanted to direct this blog towards people that were young and closer to my age, but it has attracted people beyond that, which I mean is okay, I really do appreciate it — but it’s nice to have people that can relate to me follow my blog, if you get what I’m saying? So once again, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you that have followed, and feel free to share this blog with your friends if you like it enough! 🙂 Thank you all once again for all the kind support and encouragement! 😀

quote of the day #4 – so true.

I found this lying around on the world of the interwebs..and felt like sharing it with you all. Why? Because it’s so true. Young people in our world are lacking confidence due to the media brainwashing them into thinking that they’re all supposed to be a certain way. You gotta be you, and the best you, you can be, ‘cuz YOU is amazing. 🙂 BEYOURSELF.


Hey all! Sorry about the recent lack of posts on this blog — unfortunately, for the next little while, posts will be very lacking, but don’t worry, they’ll come back up again at full swing SHORTLY! SO YEAH! I just wanted to put that out there, and I apologize for that. Thanks for understanding. 



– Liz

quote of the day #2

I haven’t been doing any “NOTD” posts because my zebra nails have held up QUITE well (absolutely NO chipping and they’re still shiny and look as good as new!), and plus I’ve been feeling a little under the weather so I haven’t really bothered to change up my nails ….. which isn’t normal, but yeah, look out for a new NOTD shortly though! 🙂 But until then……

I guess this isn’t much of a “quote” – but whatever. You know it’s true. quote source –

“Turning on sad music and looking out your window and pretending you’re in a movie. It’s priceless.”

and now I’ll have more time to post stuff that may be of some interest.

I just had my final exam today — I can relax now, and actually do my nails and blog and do other things to fill all the free time I have. YAY! I can’t wait to go back home and be ‘reunited’ with my nail polish….that probably sounds really sad…but I get happy over such things. 🙂 

quote of the day.

Here is la quote. And I wish to enlighten on it soon, so until then, ponder upon it yourselves. 

edit: this has been on my mind a lot recently. you can feel one way towards someone, or something…and then the next minute you completely change your mind about them. “it’s not because people change, it’s because it’s not the same anymore” — our perspective changes, the way we perceive things about them/or something changes. sometimes the way we see someone isn’t who they really are, it may be what WE want to see them as, and our mind manipulates them to our favour. when you truly love someone, you don’t let their faults get in the way, you look past that, and see the good in them….but sometimes if we were to get upset with them, we start seeing the ‘faults’….and the faults become overpowering….and hinder all the good that we used to see in them . see? that person still stayed the same, and as did we…our perspective just changed. we just have to live and let live. and just let things be as they are. 

“I don’t think feelings change, nor people. I think situations change. I know that it’s possible to dislike someone after loving them so much or to love someone after feeling so much hate towards them but, it’s not because people change, it’s because it’s not the same anymore. It’s because something made you think differently, something opened your eyes, something caused you to see everyday the way it is at last. It’s like days. Days can be cloudy, or days can be sunny- but days don’t change, the weather does. And nothing can play a part in that or fix that, they can just let it be.” 


*feel free to leave feedback/your thoughts on this quote. 

oh hey HOLLA.

I don’t have any interesting nail related posts today, I apologize. Stress levels are slightly increasing…and by slightly, I mean by a lot. I have my final exam on Friday — and I’m not quite sure how ready I am for it. Definitely not feeling as confident as I was feeling for my midterm…… yikes. 

But this is what I do when I’m stressed…I blog…which takes time(out of studying)…but it’s okay….’cause it’s good to just let it out. Right?

I should be studying for my final right now– but I’m too busy taking notes on volcanoes, for the other course I’m taking, because I have a quiz that needs to be a short period of time from now. I mean who doesn’t love learning about volcanoes..ugh.

Times like these I wish that I was famous(perhaps an actress?)….and had a job that paid me something like a couple million per movie…or hey, even a TV show..where I act like..not myself…and then get paid for it. Yes, my lifelong aspiration is to go to Hollywood and become famous. I live my life as a TV show. Yes, yes, I really do, do that.