I haven’t really gotten the chance to blog very much on here, or post pictures, once again, apologies, but they’ll be coming back again shortly, as promised earlier! I have thought up of many new ideas for nail art and such and I CANNOT wait to share them with you all! 

– stay classy!



thank you!

Time for some good old sap.
It has been just over a month since I started this blog, but I am SO SO SO grateful for all the support that I have had from you guys! I have followers from many places around the world, it blows my mind! You guys probably don’t even understand how much just ONE ‘Like’, comment or follow mean to me. It’s really nice to know that there are people that are actually appreciating what I’m doing, and that it’s just not for the sake of it. Although, I would STILL keep up with the blog regardless of the number of followers/likes I was getting. I’m just your average teen girl, out living her life, and being ‘real’, and sharing my interests. To be on the featured page or something great like that would be my ultimate DREAM(I don’t know if “dream” is the right word choice there..more like it’d just be super cool), or like maybe get reblogged on some fashion/beauty magazine blog? 😉 but that really is out of grasp for me at the time being. 😛  I originally wanted to direct this blog towards people that were young and closer to my age, but it has attracted people beyond that, which I mean is okay, I really do appreciate it — but it’s nice to have people that can relate to me follow my blog, if you get what I’m saying? So once again, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you that have followed, and feel free to share this blog with your friends if you like it enough! 🙂 Thank you all once again for all the kind support and encouragement! 😀

quote of the day #4 – so true.

I found this lying around on the world of the interwebs..and felt like sharing it with you all. Why? Because it’s so true. Young people in our world are lacking confidence due to the media brainwashing them into thinking that they’re all supposed to be a certain way. You gotta be you, and the best you, you can be, ‘cuz YOU is amazing. 🙂 BEYOURSELF.
source: weheartit.com


Hey all! Sorry about the recent lack of posts on this blog — unfortunately, for the next little while, posts will be very lacking, but don’t worry, they’ll come back up again at full swing SHORTLY! SO YEAH! I just wanted to put that out there, and I apologize for that. Thanks for understanding. 



– Liz

NOTD: July 5 – Green For The Summer

So I decided to do a different “format” for my NOTD photos so that you guys can see my actual nails AND the bottle. It seems more “appealing” and put together. I really love this green colour, and you can wear it all year round – although I say it looks really nice in the summer with the sun shining off of it! This colour is really “in” right now and many different brands have a colour like this.

Products Used:

  • Mossy Britches – Nina Ultra Pro …I’m from Canada…and I have never really seen this polish anywhere..I get my Nina Ultra Pro nail polishes from the States at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

NOTD: July 2 – Revlon – IMPULSIVE

Hey all, I really apologize for the lack of nail posts lately – I’ve been quite busy and just haven’t had much time to post things on here. I have also been trying to figure out what else to post on this blog- beauty related things. So anyway, I hope you enjoy this one, it’s more like a “swatch” post. This is the latest colour in my collection, just picked it up the other day and have been wearing it for the past 2 days – late post, I know. It is Revlon’s IMPULSIVE, it’s a dulled/muted purple colour(although I feel like it looks really bright in this photo), I quite like it, I feel like it would be a nice colour for the fall/winter season. Also some other one’s that I would like to check out by Revlon are some blues – specifically, DREAMER, CHIC, and FASHIONISTA – they would be absolutely perfect for fall and winter.