Feelin’ A Little Green And Flowery

I promise that this will be the LAST of my phone uploads for nail art. I took this picture a couple days(3 days)after I had painted my nails – I’m surprised that there wasn’t any chipping/too much tip wearing off. So as I had stated in my earlier post – I love nail art with dots….AND  flowers. Flowers are fairly easy to create on your nails – you make the petals(dots), and then you drag in the dot from the centre of the dot, inwards(towards the middle of the flower). I made the flowers with a dotting tool, but you can improvise and make a dotting tool at home with what you have.

Products I used:

  • Green base colour– POSH by Revlon (Revlon is probably my favourite drugstore brand of nail polish because they have  a great selection of colours, especially after the release of a whole collection of new colours–the ones that have one word names)
  • The dots and flower petals – White – NYX, you can use whichever white polish you want(or even change the colours up)
  • The middle of the flower – I used a black polish by Sally Hansen.
  • The light blue colour that I used on my ring finger is a bright matte(but it has silver shimmer) blue-y/light turquoise colour that I got from Bootlegger — personally, I wouldn’t recommend it quality wise.
  • The holographic glitter that is on my ring finger is In the Spotlight by Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear. 
  • And then the top coat I used is, as always, Clear by Revlon.

Hope you enjoyed this look, and good luck recreating it! 😀



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