my obsession with nail polish

It is quite true. I do have an obsession with nail polish. My first OWN nail polish I got when I was four years-old….it was a deep, red colour by L’OREAL…and I specifically even remember going to the drugstore with my mom and the lady at the cashier  told me that I was such a young girl and that she was surprised that I liked nail polish already, she also told me that that colour would look great on me. After that my mom and I made frequent trips to the drugstore to look/buy nail polish — I remember I had bought a gold based chunky glitter polish (man was that ever hard to take off my nails!) — I also remember trying to paint a part of my bed side table with this glittery mess – what four year old doesn’t love sparkles and glitter?! One of my best friends at the time also LOVED nail polish, I remember one time we both had our nails painted, a different colour on each nail….our nails had the EXACT same colours, but in different shades –funny coincidence! I also remember that she liked one of the colours that I had…and then my mom told me that I should give her that polish because I didn’t wear it very much….I ended up giving it to her, but then a little while later…I really wished that I could have it back, but I didn’t say anything. It was a rich dark burgundy-purple, kind of vampy – but oh well. Another colour that stood out to me as one of my childhood FAVOURITES was a certain blue colour by Cover Girl …. I had gotten this colour when I was seven years-old — and boy did I ever LOVE it. I think I put that colour on whenever I was a light seafoamy dusty blue colour, and I think it was the first nail polish that I ever used up completely!

To this day, I am still ‘collecting’ nail polish(I have about a hundred or so :$)….and a couple years ago(around the time I was 11, so about 8 years ago), I started branching out with doing nail art — I think I’m going to start uploading pictures on here of nail art that I do, so that the rest of you can see it and maybe even try it yourselves!

8 thoughts on “my obsession with nail polish

  1. Ahaha, I totally understand your obsession with nail polish cuz I share it too! I’ve always loved nail polish as a kid & I have so many now yet it never seems like it’s enough. Do you make designs or just paint your nails? Post up a couple pics, I’d love to see them! Oh & follow me back while you’re at it please? 🙂

    • ah this is so exciting seeing that someone who shares this obesession commented on this post! 🙂 you can never have enough nail polish, that’s for sure! and I do designs as well! I actually did the nails of a bunch of my friends for high school graduation last year – I felt like I was working at some salon, it was so much fun! and I think I WILL be posting up designs shortly – I’m excited! 🙂

      • Wow I totally agree with you!! You can NEVER have enough nail polish! Wow that’s amazing! I’ve done all sorts of different designs before too, but I only have a couple pics. I want to do my nails this weekend but I’m still trying to come up with design ideas. Any suggestions?
        So you’re in first year uni rt now then? What are you studying?

    • Hmm nails for the weekend….I could think of a couple, but I wish I had pictures to show you! Why don’t you try one similar to the one I uploaded a photo of — the blue one with the dots? It’s really simple, but I think it looks nice (I could be biased haha). Or maybe paint your nails and then do dots at the tip of the nail going across? I am going into second year once september comes, and I’m doing a Bachelor of Science. How about yourself?

      • Ahah naw, don’t think you’re biased! Maybe I’ll do that when I take a break! Wow Bachelor of Science??!?!?!! Thats so cool! So what exactly do you want to do once you’re done uni?

        I’m in grade 10, taking g11 of my four courses this sem. I want to go to London, England for uni and I want to become a dentist!

    • Oh that’s cool! It would be awesome to study in London, I’ve been there a couple times and it’s really nice, and you seem to like the whole British style and all that eh? So I’m assuming that you’ll be going INTO grade 11 in September then? And I’m thinking I want to do something with the environment/medicine; or maybe somehow combine the two — we’ll see haha 😛

      • Haha I know, it’s one of my main dreams. & yeaa I’m a huge British fan! Yup, grade 11 from september!
        Wow, that’s cool, which uni are you going to?
        Oh & btw how did u add things like a calendar to your blog? I’m still figuring out how to use this..

    • I don’t think that I’ll say the exact name yet anyways, but it’s on the west coast (it may be obvious, it may not be haha). And you just go to your Dashboard…and then Appearance on the left side…and then widgets- and you should be able to pick what you want displayed on your blog. Hope that helps haha.

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