intelligent conversations among construction workers.

The university that I go to is undergoing some massive construction momentarily — actually, not just momentarily, it’s ALWAYS under construction because they keep ‘beautifying’ and ‘expanding’. But now that it’s summer they’re just taking advantage of the fact that there are less students on campus, so they can block every accessible route and do construction there. SLIGHTLY annoying, but I can’t wait until it’s all over! So there are some ‘benefits’ — some construction guys are very ‘easy on the eyes’. Blatantly, they’re hot, and you all full well know that, so that’s nothing new. And some of them are super friendly so it’s like ‘win-win’, good looking AND sociable enough to talk to you. OH HOLLA. So as I was walking back to my place I heard these two construction guys yelling at each other about beer…they were literally YELLING….I was just like WHOA hold up, calm down. It just sounded really intelligent…not really.

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